Employment Newspaper 2018 : Download 2nd to 8th December, 2017 PDF copy

Looking for Employment Newspaper PDF Copy? Download All the Upcoming Employment Newspaper Editions for 2018.

Employment Newspaper is the oldest, but still, the most trusted source for getting information regarding the Government Jobs in India and this trust is because of the fact that Employment Newspaper is published by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India. If you are a Fresher and looking for Government Jobs in India, then Employment Newspaper will be your Best Guide. 

With the Employment Newspaper, you can get information on Job related to these Government sectors.

1) Government Jobs in Central Government Departments and Ministeries
2) Recruitment Exams conducted by UPSC and SSC
3) Bank Jobs (IBPS, SBI, RBI etc)
4) State Government Jobs 
5) Jobs announced by Universities / Colleges
6) Jobs announced by PSU's etc.

In this post, we will provide the Employment Newspaper Listing of 2018. ie All the Employment Newspaper Editions of 2018 From January to December will be shared on this Page. Though the Employment Newspaper is available at Rs 12/- in the market, you can Bookmark (Control+D) this page to Download the Weekly Employment Newspaper. 

Apart from this, we will also be providing the Job Highlights of Each Week Employment Newspaper, so that you know which Jobs need your immediate attention. In the meantime, Lets us discuss some special attributes of this weekly newspaper

And Most importantly if you are looking for Government Jobs in 2018, the then year 2018 can be a Dream year for you, as Government of India is planning to create 2.83 Lakh vacancies for various Govt Departments and Ministeries. With Railways topping the List and then there are some good no. of vacancies for Indian Army, Navodaya Vidyalayas, Kendriya Vidyalayas etc. If you are a teacher Job Aspirant then KVS will fill 10,000 vacancies under the KVS Recruitment 2018

Why Employment Newspaper?

As mentioned above, employment newspaper happens to be the most trusted sources of information on Government Jobs, over the decades and this trust building makes it the No.1 Job Newspaper in India. 

Employment Newspaper is free from Language Bararries too ie It is published in both Hindi and English as well. Hindi version of Employment Newspaper is known as Rozgar Samachar and recently,  Urdu version of Employment Newspaper is also published.

How to Subscribe to Employment Newspaper?

With the boom in Information Technology, everything goes online and same is the case with Employment Newspaper. 

Now you can read Employment Newspaper on your Smartphone, Tablet Or Personal Computer. 

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting provides employment newspaper is Print as well as E-Version. Subscription is available for both. 

While the Print version may take some time, as it is to be delivered Physically at your address. E-version can be instantly downloaded in PDF format.

Website: To Subscribe to Employment Newspaper (Print/E-Version), you can visit this Website ( https://www.e-employmentnews.co.in) , Create Account, Fill Subscription form, Make Payment   

Need the Free PDF Copy of Employment Newspaper (Every Week)

If you are not willing to spend the Subscription Fees for Employment Newspaper, then you can Download the Free PDF Copy of Employment Newspaper from this page. On this page, we will be sharing the Employment Newspaper of All the Weeks from January to December 2018. 

So, If you are looking for Government Jobs in 2018-19, then you should Bookmark this Page so that you can Download the Free PDF Edition of Employment Newspaper, every week. 

Moreover, the Employment Newspaper provided on this page will be in High-quality Resolution. so that you can understand the texts with full Advertisement 

Employment Newspaper (2nd to 8th December 2017 )

Official PDF Copy of Employment Newspaper Dated 2nd December is released and is available for Download. Here in this Section, you can Read Online the Employment NEwspaper of 2nd to 8th Dec 2017

Employment Newspaper (2nd to 8th Dec, 2017) 

Employment Newspaper 2018 (January to December)

1) Employment Newspaper (January 2018)

In this section, we will be sharing the PDF copies of Employment Newspaper for January 2018. 

There will be 4 Editions of Employment Newspaper to be released in Jan 2018 

1) (6th to 12th January 2018) Employment Newspaper

2) (13th January to 19th January) 2018 Employment Newspaper

3) (20th to 26th January 2018) Employment Newspaper

4) 27th January to 2nd Feb, 2018 Employment Newspaper


We have made this page, to provide Updates on the Upcoming PDF versions of Employment Newspapers in 2018. You can check this page every Sunday to download the PDF Copy of Employment Newspaper of that Week.

In case, you have any Queries, related to the Employment Newspaper, kindly let us know in the comments section below.

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